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Modular LED Rope Lights Powered By Magnets!



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Hunter's comment

OK, being a SH mod comes with a certain amount of product burnout, how many smart-wifi-app-connected-dodadds can a person see before they just want to go into the woods and play with rocks and sticks for awhile to cleanse the palette!

I digress. This is the first product I've seen in awhile that I was really kind of stoked about. What a damn cool idea. Bulbs replaced with luminescent rope and they're COMPLETELY modular, redesign-able and customizable.

Here's how they work...

"The base of the light fixture is constructed from two metal surfaces through which low voltage electricity is running and to which ropes of different lengths are attached. The ropes are intertwined with LED lights and magnetically connect to the metal surfaces with a “click”. The rope stretches, flows, drops, ties and twists between the metal surfaces in endless shapes and combinations and with each click a new phase appears."-source

Of course these are a bit of a custom job so they have to be special ordered but I'd LOVE this little set in a camper van or tear drop, just enough for a cozy little reading corner that you could redesign over and over and over...



Hunter: @dayleeo

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