Say goodbye to coffee pods FOREVER!


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Hunter's comment

I know what you want, you want coffee. So do I! But coffee pods are incredibly wasteful beecause they employ single use plastics which are piling up in landfills every day. So what if you could have the convenience of those personal coffee makers in away that didn't totally destroy the planet in your quest for that next caffiene hit!? Enter BeanFill!

"BeanFill is compatible with all Nespresso machines manufactured post 2003, and affords all of its users the freedom of choice, by allowing Nespresso owners to prepare and enjoy any coffee they please."-source

Oh also, it's cost effective because you can add any ground coffee you like! YES PLEASE! Who else hates being trapped by what they think you should be having in those dumb pods anyway- full customization, reusable earth friendly materials, and ... duh CAFFIENE!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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