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An Epic Valentines Photo Walk At Sundown...

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Two nomads, (equipped with an equal number of bottles of wine decided) to go for a walk around sundown on Valentine's day. This is the result....

First thing's first... cozy slippers and a cheap malbec in a coffee cup- check.

Sometimes you just have that feeling in your bones that it's going to be a beautiful night for taking photos...I'm glad we listened to that little voice.

What's that saying about seeing the forest for the trees? Nothing resets my perspective like some time in the open air...

Oh excuse me, did we just step into a Bob Ross painting?

another gratuitous lens-flare shot? you bet your bottom dollar...

I have countless shots following you, so thankful for any time we're walking together

I get it, sometimes you just feel like you're standing at the edge of the universe Jodie Foster style...

<3 always,

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