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Alexa Icon Builder - But you could totally use it to make ANY Icon!

Alexa Icon Builder

But you could totally use it to make ANY Icon!


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Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 10.56.26 AM.png
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Hunter's comment

If you don't have photoshop or illustrator, you're going to LOVE this little tool.

This may seem like a little bit of a niche item, but what I see here is a SUPER simple, easy to use icon builderl that spits out a transparent background PNG in two sizes, so even if you're not developing for Alexa, you can whip up a series of icons for maybe your steemit blog, or steemhunt posts/comments, for anything really!

Of course I had to give it a spin...here's what I came up with for an Eco-Hunt type post logo, it took me about 15 seconds... what do you think?

If you need an icon FAST and don't have illustrator or photoshop this is such a great tool.

Of course if you ARE making an Alexa skill you're ready to go with a builder for the exact specs you need...




Hunter: @dayleeo


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