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This year, a lot of my family has declared a "cease fire" in terms of presents this year and to be honest, I'm perfectly fine with that. I've got my head down until the new year anyway, but I DID want to do a little baking. I guess that's my manifestation of the Holiday Spirit this year, and also the manifestation of Seinfeld memes and way too many episodes of Great British Baking Show....

The dough was the hardest bit because I don't have an electric mixer but the 'ol elbow grease did the trick. The dough came out shiny and super soft...

Poking is always a good method to test tenderness, also it's fun. ;)

Of course there's lot of down time for resting and rising but then you get to roll! The filling is made from sugar, cinnamon and chopped dark chocolate. There's been heavy debate over between Chocolate and Cinnimon, which is the "lesser" babka, so I decided to go with both!

After the rolling comes the chopping and the stuffing of the tins for another round of rising....

Aah but after the rising, comes the baking the thennnn....

Well then of course the meticulous arranging on a metal tray for the takings of pictures to share with you!

They came out a little too crispy on the outside even though I pulled them 4 minutes before I was supposed to, but they still taste SOOO good, even a day or so later, a quick pop in the microwave and they're perfectly warm and the chocolate is gooey once again.

Also, powdered sugar and pine needles = Christmas. Or at least a nice way to style babka shots.

All in all this was WAY easier than I originally thought it would be even without an elextric mixer. Babkas are usually a massive braided loaf swirled with flavors but I kinda prefer them as little minis! Super easy to manage from a baking perspective and much more shareable <3

I hope wherever you are this little Holiday spirited post finds you well, and if you're interested in following the recipe I used...


Have a lovely holiday, in whichever way you choose or don't choose to celebrate it, but just maybe take the time to enjoy a sweet treat or two <3

Until next time,
<3 Dayleeo