Today I wanted to take a bit of analog time out in the sun, so I decided to bust out my old buddha board and have a play. I hope you take 117 seconds out of your day with me... Breathe deep, take stock of what you're thankful for and slow down time TimeLord style, if only just for a little while.

If I think about it, my favorite tasks/chores to do all have to do with water. I know, my Pisces is showing... but taking time out to wash the car this morning really reminded me of that. Sometimes when I'm doing the dishes I just zone out for a second and feel the cool water run across the backs of my hand... and yes I'm also guilty of just standing in the shower and taking a deep breath, in an attempt to let all my stress and anxiety wash down the drain...

That's why I wanted to share my little Buddha board with you! It's an awesome, sustainable way to just have a play painting with just water and a brush on a special board. If you're interested I can do a dedicated post about it. Lemme know!

This is my first little test posting to @dlive, a thing I've been wanting to do for a very long time, I just haven't been able to make the mental room to sit down and do it.

I think some water painting videos like this might become a thing for me. I know they're super meditative and relaxing to do, AND to watch... Damn isn't water the coolest.

Until next time

My video is at DLive