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We just finished a new episode of PositivelyNegative in which I outwardly dealt with my pepperings of existential dread and realized that I have absolutely no concept of time passing.

This class is a perfect example of that, it felt like an hour- but in a good way! Adriene has this awesome efficiency built in to all her videos where you feel like you really had that time out, without only having to dedicate about 20 minutes.

Truthfully, I never would have taken this class on my own because I'm not a Musician but if you play the ol QWERTY keys you'll enjoy this just as much- Deep stretches for the arms, wrists, chest and neck.

Feeling open and breathing deep, have absorbed a good deal of sunshine and I ain't done yet- Plan to be heading back out there soon with Mr.Humble as well!

💕See you tomorrow!

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