Before you go throwing fingers in my direction I DID DAY 4 TODAY, but I made a vow to myself to rest this weekend. My back isn't hurt, but the muscles are feeling a bit sore and strained. I know I need to focus on core work and today's practice was perfect for that, but doing too much all at once, my signature combo move, isn't going to help so I chose to take it real easy for the second half of this practice.

Mentally I'm feeling clear and focused, and I'm sleeping much better than I had been previously in the week so all the things are looking up!

I woke up with the determination to make a cheesecake in the instant pot this AM so after all my digital duties are complete I'm going to get into that tactile project, catch @crimsonclad 's show and relax with my guy.

It's Saturday, take some time for you <3
💕See you tomorrow!

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