Was April a tough one for you? It was for me. I found myself in my head a lot of the time. I was frustrated, uninspired and well, closed off from the headspace that makes me feel creative, content and at peace... I just felt, blank.

As a result, I didn't say much, I didn't make much and I just tried to be kind to myself whenever responsibilities would allow.

The good news is that if you're feeling like that today, nothing is ever permanent my friend. And today, with the rollover of a fresh new month, I'm embarking on a brand new 31 day yoga challenge.

If you'd like to join me, all the details are below! I hope you do, even if you've never even tried yoga and just want and excuse to shake off the winter blues and spend some more time outside (or inside cozy in sweatpants).

This month I'm focusing on breathing deep, becoming stronger, and brining back a bit of that fiery New Jersey hustle mode I feel like I lost last month.

Let's do this eh?
💕See you tomorrow!

🌱 Today's video | Heart Chakra Yoga For Beginners

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