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Yikes, I better quit wasting time and get into this post so I can get some early sleeeeeeps. Good morning you! (also WOA- giphy has a new front page... ok!)

How did you sleep? Did you have any dreams? Slaying dragons? Inter-dimentional Travel? Chip Shops? -- Ugh why did I write that, I could absolutely CRUSH a fish and chips dinner… remember the one we had in Matlock. OH BABY. How I miss mushy peas too… le sigh.


I’m not sure you can tell but I’m a little hungry at the moment. I had a few walnuts and a vegan protein shake with a banana about 2 hours ago and boy am I feeling it again. It’s making it a little hard to concentrate. Another reason I need to get to bed early. I’m pretty much out of food other than my meal prep anyway, so I guess that’s another benefit haha.

The 3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • i feel sore as hell from workouts- progress being made
  • i did some proper yoga for the first time in months- body is healing!
  • by this time tomorrow my last root canal will be done…

It’s been a running issue for nearly 8 years root canals needed and such, constant daily pain, and tomorrow it’ll all be over. Well for the most part, none of the crown stuff causes any pain, just a few more appointments for moulds and stuff.

It’s kind of wild to think about how much brain bandwidth getting that stuff done has freed up. I’d often have stress dreams where my teeth would be crumbling and falling out, and I had so much fear, and no healthcare that I felt like I’d always be stuck. But not only the physical pain, but the mental blocks and fear and anxiety. I mean talk about exposure therapy, how many damn appointments have I had since I’ve been back? Different doctors, different procedures and outcomes.

It’s always a worry, don’t get me wrong but that intense fear that would cause the rolling cold sweats are pretty much gone for the most part. Especially since I started seeing progress and knowing how much better life could be without pain.

I’m trying to take the same approach with the meal prep and exercise if I’m honest. Small amounts of “pain” over time adding up to a lifetime of painlessness. This big bout with the nerve pain in my back was a gigantic wake up call this year. I’m not about to let that get in the way of my heath and happiness, and damn I missed yoga so much.

I half had the idea to do another 30 day challenge I was so excited I could kinda do it. I’m about 70% of where I was at last year before I start to feel the pain pretty bad again and I know I have to build up more muscles to stabilize the area. Best to stay the course and sprinkle in yoga here and there where I can. :D

Ok, enough about me! I know you’ve been doubling down on keeping yourself accountable, scheduled and motivated. It’s not lost on me, but I also appreciate you making time for us to talk, even if its just quickly in the day, and to watch things. That time together means a lot to me. I promise I’ll try not to be too greedy. I just... like ya.

You’re doing great, and damn you even got a laundry in today! I meannnn HE KILIN IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

As the time gets closer I’m getting more and more excited to podcast with you. I should be in fine shape mouth-wise by thursday. (lol mouthwise? who says that) You know what I mean! That also reminds me to catch up on the new CouplesTherapy cast. Have you heard it yet?

lol chris! one of my favorite characters ever

Anyway! Goodmorning my love. I hope you’re feeling good today, even if you had dragon slaying dreams last night, I hope you’re rested and ready to slay some smaller Trello dragons today this am <3

I love you, and I like you
<3 Dot

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