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the last can of mushy peas after the storm hehe, I felt like that can a lot until I met you..

I guess that the nice part is it’s getting darker earlier, but it’s also staying darker so much later. Crazy how it feels like the middle of the night, crickets and everything when I was at the machine at 6am this morning. But the good news is I can probably get some earlier night’s sleepssss!

Good Morning Mouser <3 I was just laying down, scrolling through twitter with the Doc (hes back on SCUM again) on in the background when I really felt like I was going to pass out. Sleeps were crashing over me like waves and my eyelids were getting heavier by the minutes, so I decided to switch things up and write to you.

So here we are. Also I haz lemon water close by, so we sorted matey! YARRRR!!

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • supernatural energy on a day I was expecting to feel like trash
  • got everything done on my list!
  • today I got one day closer to seeing you <3

I can’t tell you how or why I had such a rocket ship blast off day. There was a moment this AM where I thought, “cant I just stay in bed and watch dog videos all day?” But I’m glad I showed up, I’m glad I pushed, even though it might have been a little too hard. I’ll have meal prep shopping tomorrow, cooking on Wednesday and doggo arrivals and recording on Thursday.

Maybe knowing that my week was going to get cut in half lit a fire under my tail feathers, or maybe it was Dad being home, and me pushing past the feeling of that lazy weekend energy while I knew he was sick in bed. No matter the reason I’m thankful for my body and my brain today which made it all happen.

I keep thinking back to that LegalNomad article you sent me today, I don’t know if I could go through a fraction of what that poor girl went through physically. I know how discouraged I can get with my body, being impatient, demanding more, better faster than it wants to go. I know the mental stress and depressed moment’s feeling like your body is stuck and hopeless…and I really needed that reality check

Because IN REALITY, I’ve got it pretty damn good. I can go for a walk to the shop when I choose, my body can carry me there. I can get rid of pain, with yoga exercise and in a pinch, pills. My life is not a series of doctors appointments. And for that I’m so so grateful. — So thank you for sharing that with me.

Funny think about expectations. If I had accepted the way I had expected to feel this morning, I might not have gotten out of bed, and here I am on the other side of a nearly 10 hour work day, feeling good, writing you a mile a minute and ready to get a solid 8 hours in so I can do it all again tomorrow...

Also, I’m a little nervous to cook that Tuna, or rather possibly OVERCOOK that Tuna, I don’t think I’ve ever made it at home and it’s too expensive to screw up. I have two days to wrap my head around it and do some research, and it’s the only thing I have to worry about cooking, just that one meal this week. SO that’s going to be a new adventure ;D!

So grateful tonight, particularly for you and your support and encouragement. Putting up with my meal prep and exercise talk, asking me how I’m feeling, working so hard on your end and us working together. I’m telling ya mouse, we ain’t going out without a fight.

maybe the universe just is a scared little kid home alone in the 90s, would make a lot of sense!

I can’t wait until I see you again. It’s tough missing your best friend, but I can’t imagine having never met you in the first place, so I have to default back to gratefulness whenever I think of you.

I hope this message in a blockchain finds you well this Tuesday morning loves. I hope you’re feeling rested and ready to get hugs from MiniBiza <3 I love you both! Goodmorning!

<3 Dot