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Hey loves, I took some time out after we talked, got my brain together, wiped my tears and put on my emotional big girl pants and here we are. It’s 8pm but all i want is for it to be tomorrow so I can work. Work to set up visas, work on getting more work, and work on our projects together.

I’m bummed but I’m done feeling disappointment about the news this evening, for now, I have to realize that there’s a reason I’m here and you’re there, and I just need to focus on doing everything I can while I’m here.

More meal prep, more exercise, more work, rinse repeat.

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • My mouse
  • My biza
  • My 22!--- I mean look at that guy....

That being said I have absolutely no idea WHAT to work on or HOW to start at the moment, so I’m resisting the urge to throw myself at the pad and paper in my usual “force a resolution” way and I’m heading to sleep as soon as I finish writing to you. That’s a job for tomorrow Dayle.

Specifically, Tomorrow Dayle after tea and eggs. Im sure you’ll be up and cruising along at an nice comfortable altitude in the Crush-o-sphere by then. And I’ll be able to say my “good morning bizaaaa”s in discord and start my day off right.

It meant a lot today that you mentioned that I looked well, energetic and alert- for the most part that’s how I feel and I have to say my backs felt the best it has in months today. I think it’s a sign I need to do yard work more often ;).

Ive been trying my best to keep up with the standing and steps, and I know a few straight days of long twice daily doggo walks is going to do me some good as well. Step by step right?

I’ve got the bag and I know I’m better off than I was 4 weeks ago. And in the grand scope of things that’s what matters. Thats the perspective I have to keep. Process. Process. Process.

Of course it was awesome seeing you today, and fooling around in obi a little- even though just having it open makes my machine scream for mercy- it was still a good opportunity for my brain to expand and feel a little more comfortable in that space, and of course to see you and laugh with you.

I hope you enjoyed our brief camping date too! Even though those to hipsters crashed the party ;)

I do believe this is where I say goodnight my love, and I’m finding it hard not to say anything I haven’t already told you a million times, but the truth is I really do still love ya, I’m still proud of you and I still think ya fine as hell… OH!

Just gotta speak my truth love ;)- Have a lovely morning, I hope you slept well and I’ll see you on the other side. Happy Morning you and welcome to Sundazeee!

<3 Dot