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Morning biza, how are you and all the creatures of the fields doing this am? I kinda envision some sort of snow white montage as you early-morning click away at the keyboard and the woodland creatures gather around, pouring you coffee ect...

like this, but with your imac lol

Oh boy! I feel like I’ve got a new lease on life since finding that card in my purse. The one that says the root canal is on Tuesday instead of tomorrow. I know it’s only a day difference and what does it matter, but I feel like I can wake up and really crush tomorrow.

Having a good workout and a cold shower this afternoon left me feeling really good and even though I’ve been resting this evening, I’m kinda raring to go! I’m thankful that I don’t have to wreck that momentum right off the bat.

But also! No root canal tomorrow ! Woot!

The 3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • a great workout
  • pretty purple nailzzz and taking time out to do them today have a break
  • you love, I know you’re getting after it every day and I’m crazy proud of u for keeping at it.

Ok so, the start of a new week let’s get the business out of the way. I love you.

Ok check.

That’s taken care of! Priorities babas!

Now as for you, I hope you got a bunch of solid hours in sleep wise and you’re ready fr an early doors crush session. I know you sent me a Wistia link to my email yesterday- i’m going to get on that tomorrow morning and take a look, sorry I saw the notification on my phone and totally gapped it until now.

Time for me to get organized. I mean I know I have been for the most part but I’d like to tighten that part of my brain up so that when I’m those transition phases throughout the day i’m not left feeling so … “ermmm.— what now?”.

Its hard when you feel like everything need urgent doing, it’s hard to pick and to not second guess where you’re spending your energy, but what I’m learning is just to go with what I feel like working on most, otherwise it ends up feeling like pulling teeth— ugh no. No dentist references. Don’t have to do that tomorrow, remember Dayle!?

I can see you’ve been padding out our Trello board for that site. I’m stoked to really sink my teeth into that tomorrow and see where I can jump in and help out. I know you’ve got your course stuff on your plate so if I can make that easier in any way and give your brain a bit of space you know I will.

Also tomorrow is HF20 day right? Make sense as it’s August 20th. Going to be interesting to see how that all rolls out but for the most part i’m really optimistic about it. Kinda feels like we should be celebrating… but then again I think most things should be celebrated, possibly to a fault ;).

As for me it’s the normal rinse repeat of daily works, trying to find new clients meal prep and workouts which are doing really great things for my overall mood and self confidence lately. I guess as with anything it feels good to work hard and make progress, and that’s exactly what this month has been about for both of us. We still have time darling, time to dig deep and finish strong <3

Oh! And i’m super excited to podcast again with ya this week. Really enjoying doing those and I know there’s still a lot more we want to do with the second podcast and waveform videos. Stoked to crush those with you this week as well.

Welp that’s it! I won’t holdup your day any longer love. Get that kettle on and I’ll see you in zee mornings <3

Mwah! x,